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Return to Mindfulness

Disrupting Default Habits for Personal Fulfillment, Effective Leadership, and Global Impact


We’re giving away 10 copies (4 physical copies and 6 ebooks) of the new book by esteemed mindfulness teacher and researcher Dr. Shalini Bahl! In order to enter to win, input your name and email address below.

About the Book

In this book, Dr. Bahl doesn’t just invite us to be more mindful, she shows us how. Return to Mindfulness offers a systematic yet playful blueprint for integrating mindfulness into our daily routine. Each chapter is dedicated to one mindfulness skill and includes six exercises to practice and play with during the day so we can replace default habits with mindful habits.

Dr. Bahl’s groundbreaking methods help dissolve the gap between meditation and real-world mindfulness through the following eight skills:

  • Awareness when we find ourselves automatically reacting.
  • Compassion when we’re feeling judgmental.
  • Curiosity when we’re stuck in an echo chamber.
  • Mindful energy when it’s uncomfortable to change old ways of thinking and acting.
  • Appreciative joy when negativity bias distorts our understanding of people and situations.
  • Inner calm when attachments get in the way of seeing clearly.
  • Focus when we’re feeling distracted and overwhelmed.
  • Equanimity when impulsivity pushes us out of balance. 

These eight interconnected skills empower us to live, love and work with greater care. Make these skills your new normal in a world full of disruptions.

Enter by February 15th for a chance to win one of 4 physical copies or 6 ebooks of Return to Mindfulness!

About the Author

Shalini Bahl, PhD

Shalini Bahl, Ph.D., is a mindfulness consultant, an award-winning researcher, and certified mindfulness teacher. She has dedicated over 15 years researching and developing cross-disciplinary solutions to help businesses, educators, and political clients build essential mindfulness skills. Her mission is to empower individuals to disrupt default thinking and live with empowered choice for personal and collective fulfillment, creating a better world for all.

Endorsements for Return to Mindfulness

This book is like sitting next to a kind teacher who guides you through the many distractions of your mind and shows you ways to return to mindfulness, to non-judging awareness.

Mirabai Bush, author (with Ram Dass), Walking Each Other Home, co-creator of Search Inside Yourself: Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence at Google

How many town councilors do you know who practice and teach mindfulness—and bring it into their day-to-day life? Not enough! Shalini Bahl has done just that. And this book is a testament to both the practical and profound impact of the practice of mindfulness and the way of life it promotes. Return to Mindfulness is a rich treasury of insights, methods, and playful illustrations, and also an honest account of a real journey to openness that all of us can relate to.

Barry Boyce, Founding Editor of Mindful magazine and Mindful.org

“Return to Mindfulness masterfully articulates the barriers we all face in being mindful during our everyday lives. Whether you’re a leader or seeker, this book will serve you as a wise guide—a calm, clear whisper in a noisy, distracted world.”

Amishi Jha, PhD, Neuroscientist and best-selling author of Peak Mind.
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