With neuroscientist and best-selling author Amishi Jha

As a byproduct of living in a perpetually connected world, most of us struggle with fragmented attention and lack of focus. We may even feel like our life is passing us by and we are missing the most important moments.

Join renowned neuroscientist and best-selling author Dr. Amishi Jha to discover the science behind why this is happening, how it is a natural part of your brain’s functioning, and how to address it in only 12 minutes a day. In this course, Dr. Amishi Jha guides us through the science of attention so we can better understand and notice how our brain functions, and learn how to train our attention in order to find our best sense of focus and flow.

This course includes 15+ video classes on five core topics

  • Attention is Powerful
  • Attention is Vulnerable
  • Attention is Receptive
  • Attention is Trainable
  • Attention Fuels Your Success

Even if you’ve been practicing mindfulness for years, this course will offer insights into how mindfulness impacts the success of your thinking, feeling, and connecting. In this course, you will work with Amishi as she inspires you to recommit to your mindfulness practice and deepen your appreciation for the benefits that brings. Learn more about this course and watch a free sample here.

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