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About the Book

Whether we’re struggling with body image, career goals, parenting, or that nagging feeling like we’re never “enough”—we’re often harder on ourselves than on anyone else. Our inner critic can be incredibly harsh, and we often hold ourselves to impossibly high standards.

In The Self-Compassion Daily Journal, psychologist Diana Hill offers evidence-based writing practices grounded in acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and compassion-focused therapy (CFT) to let go of self-criticism and instead choose kindness and forgiveness towards yourself. With this journal, readers can gain the skills needed to face their inner struggles, find contentment, and take action toward a more heart-centered life.


About the Author

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Diana Hill, PhD, is a clinical psychologist, international trainer, and sought-out speaker on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and compassion. She is the host of the podcast Your Life in Process and author of The Self-Compassion Daily Journal, The ACT Daily Journal, and the upcoming book Wise Effort. Diana works with organizations and individuals to develop psychological flexibility so that they can grow fulfilling and impactful lives.

Endorsements for The Self-Compassion Daily

The inspiring practices backed by science in The Self-Compassion Daily Journal unlock a new level of acceptance, fulfillment, and performance. The eight-week journey of building compassion as a skill is a must-have toolbox in daily life! Hill’s daily practices help create space to take the full breath you didn’t know you needed. Her impactful writing and clarifying questions are inspiring, and make the experience unique and fun.

Sonya Looney, MS, NBC-HWC, world-champion professional mountain biker, and host of The Sonya Looney Show podcast

In The Self-Compassion Daily Journal, skilled psychologist and meditation teacher Diana Hill offers you a warm, wise, and effective real-world path through life’s difficulties. You will learn to listen to and respond to yourself with kindness, identify what an enriching life means to you, and through these powerful practices gain the courage to extend your compassionate heart to others.

Trudy Goodman, PhD, and Jack Kornfield, PhD, founders InsightLA and Spirit Rock Meditation Center

Diana Hill is back with more support for growing a deep, satisfying, stress-defusing life. Her new workbook is a ‘kind hand on our backs’ as each of us navigates the unrelenting pressure of self-criticism. Activities include befriending ourselves, establishing a soothing breathing practice, unsticking our cycle of oppressive thoughts, and working with hopelessness using our creativity. Hill’s work is grounded in reality and offers practical help, even while exploring the latest research-backed theories in the field of self-compassion.

Julie Bogart, creator of the Brave Writer program, and author of Raising Critical Thinkers and The Brave Learner

Diana Hill offers a rare combination of therapeutic insight and friendly support, grounded in both scientific research and contemplative wisdom. Wow. This is a gem of a book that will help anyone live with greater confidence, courage, and inner peace.

Rick Hanson, PhD, author of Resilient

How can we harness the power of self-compassion to work with our inner critic and nurture the courage, wisdom, and commitment we need to address suffering and cultivate a caring, aware, open, and purposeful life well lived? The Self-Compassion Daily Journal is an excellent, elegant, and powerful guide that helps readers do exactly that, inviting them to water the seeds of compassion and psychological flexibility daily.

Marcela Matos, PhD, auxiliary researcher and professor at the University of Coimbra, Portugal

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